The world needs individuals willing to lead the conversation about the untapped power of global collaboration.

Your voice matters. Become a Co-Lab collaboration champion and be the change you desire to see in the world.

The Verdict

We want to hear what you have to say.

By making your voice heard we’re starting a conversation that will break through the communicational barriers that prevent academic collaborative problem solving on global issues. Sculpting the tool kit and culture that incubates ideas and results in collective actionable outputs.


We need you to fight for Collaboration. Whether you invite a colleague to join the conversation, write a post for the community, or arrange a workshop or talk within your institute. We want to make it count by aligning it with an SDG, team or project that can benefit from it.

Our Principles

Please take a moment to read our community principles, it’s important;

  • Be yourself, we don’t respond well to avatars or falsehoods.
  • Imagine Co-Lab as a public space, you’re communicating to others face to face.
  • Show up to give, its not about what you can get from the community.
  • Question and enter discussions with the belief that your opinion may very well be wrong.
  • Progressive conversations approached with a ”what could be” attitude.
  • The community defines unwanted behaviour. We are individually responsible to care for this public space. Remind when necessary why these principles exist, and what the community is here to achieve.

Getting Involved

Here are some of the things you can do to help us make the Co-Lab conversation global.

  • Sign up to Co-Lab, keep updated on the mission.
  • SDG networking within your domain, building meaningful interdisciplinary relationships around the goals.
  • Write a blog post, organise a workshop, talk or discussion about the importance of collaboration and the SDG’s “we can help you with this”.
  • Help us better understand the tools required to prompt open source collaboration by sharing your thoughts and opinions.